Thursday, March 19, 2009

Landscapes, NO...Arrangements

My landscapes are not realistic but thy do resemble reality. They are more of arrangements than a landscape. Arrangement of form, colour, texture, contrast, space…


  1. These are my favorite.Like the juxtaposition of forms in the first composition.

  2. Your work is very nice~and very diverse! I particularly like the "scribbles." They are very reminiscent of Charles Reid's work. I think you would get a lot out of his "Painting the figure in Watercolor" video. He has a very good one where the female model is sitting in a chair with her leg thrown over the armrest. I felt some of the work you did from models showed a little more of a struggle to get executed than I like to see. I like it when artwork looks fun and effortless. Perhaps the initial sketch work could be done in lighter color or something erasable so the final color washes could look more free. Good luck in your endeavors,


  3. thirdclass rediculas xoxoxo etc .........