Sunday, October 25, 2009

What's My Style?

It's a question that, like most artists, I too have been asked. And, like most artists, I was clueless about the answer the first time Iwas asked this. Now, after so many years, I think I know how to answer it.

I would broadly categorize 'style' into 4 categories:
1) From Realism to Realism
2) From Realism to Abstraction
3) From Abstraction to Abstraction
4) From Abstraction to Realism
My personal style is the 2nd one, i.e. from realism to abstraction. I'm inspired by the Real (people and their environment) and deliver theAbstract.So, when I work, I always begin with first capturing the 'Real' and then move on to adding Abstract design structures.
In a sense, I extend this to my visual communication work as well - where let the viewer connect the dots.

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